About Purvanchal Tadka

Purvanchal is an eastern region from where I belong in Uttar Pradesh, so the name Purvanchal Tadka.

Born and bought up in Mumbai, currently living in Nagpur.

Hello everyone!!

Welcome to my blog

This is a place where I express myself through my food photography and cooking. Writing and clicking food pics are my best friends I can say,this describes Sadhana completely.

I remember as a teenage girl I would cut recipes from magazines an had a lovely collections of recipes especially by Sanjeev Kapur. Later got involved with studies then marriage, twin kids and life was full packed with no me time or even thinking about a career. Food was something which I had a connection with, as my twins have grown up now ,I am back with my childhood hobby, doing what I loved as a teenage. No professional training for cooking or photography here, each day is meant for learning. So sharing my recipes and experience of life with you.

Thank You for stopping by and taking out time to read this<3

That’s all about me Sadhana Dubey Mishra

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