Deekshabhoomi is situated in Nagpur(Maharashtra) It is considered the pilgrimage center of Buddism in Indian.


Dr Ambedhkar converted to Buddism with 600,000 followers on Ashok Vijaya Dashmi 14 october 1956.

Deekshabhoomi is a scared monument of Navayana Buddism,where Ambedhkar converted to Buddism.

The architecture is done by Sheo Dan Mal.

Millions of pilgrims visit Deekshabhoomi every year,especially on Dhamma Chakra Pravartan Din(Mass conversion ceremony day)

Deeksha means ‘act of ordaining’ and bhoomi means ground.

Why he selected Nagpur?

Nagpur was homeland to’nag’ people who embraced Buddism,supported it with great efforts in early period and propagated it throughout India.



Deekshabhoomi is spread over four acres of land in the city.

Stupa was inaugrated by President K.R. Narayan on 18 december 2001.

Stupa is completely hallow inside,it is the largest hallow Buddist stupa in the world.

At the center of the hall an image of Buddha is placed.

The image was donated to Deekshabhoomi by Thai students studying at Nagpur university.

It is one of the main center of tourism in India.

If you are ever visiting Nagpur do visit this historical place.

Dr Ambedhkar is also father of Indian constitution.


Visiting Shegaon


Shegaon is at a distance of 298km from Nagpur by road it takes 5 to 6 hours in reaching there by your own car ,this place has largest temple trust in vidharbh called as Santh Shri Gajanan Maharaj Sansthan.Gajanan Maharaj was a saint who was seen here,his date of birth is unknown.He only had three paths for people to follow ie KARMA,YOGA and BHAKTI to reach god.People have witnessed many miracles from him,Freedom fighter Lokmanya Tilak had met Gajanan Maharaj before delivering his powerful speech and Maharaj had said that he would be punished by the Britishers for this speech,which did happen.DSC00377

Shri Santh Gajanan Maharaj temple had started building in the  presence of Gajanan Maharaj as he knew the time of his samadhi

8th september 1910 was the date of Gajanan Maharaj’s samadhi .

This temple is so neat and clean I was amazed by the effort of the sevaks here and their dedication towards cleanliness.One should really visit this place for worship .

Shree Adumbar tree is where Gajanan Maharaj use to sit and meditate.


Distance from Shegaon station to the temple is merely 10 minutes,there are sufficient auto and buses on daily basis for the temple,Thursday been the main day of Gajanan Maharaj’s it is really crowded,so plan your trip before.

Rooms are available at the temple and near by also

We stayed at Anand Vihar a highly recommended place by me and many,clean, safe and peaceful,they have their canteen where you can have your breakfast,lunch and dinner at a very low price,but quality maintained.DSC00414

Lunch at Ananadsagar
Lunch at Anandsagar

There’s this huge park called Anandsagar where kids can enjoy their rides,you have toy trains and lots of rides,surrounded by greenery and lovely statues.

Anandsagar gate
Anandsagar gate

Swami Vivekanand Dhyan kendra is a place to meditate n pray


With this lovely artificial pond this place becomes more smoothing for the eye

Just next to the station you will find a very tasty kachoriwala selling quite a variety of kachoris,Shegaon is famous for its kachoris spicy and yummy,Though the whole area is filled with kachoriwala but I would recommend the approved one

Kachori Center
Kachori Center
Shegaon kachori
Shegaon kachori

Do visit this place for either for divine reason or to just munch on these kachoris



Maa Vaishno Devi

Banganga gate

This is the main entrance to Maa Vaishno Devi

Ok!!!let me tell you that this trip was completely unplanned,we were suppose to visit Maa Vaishno devi shrine only but…the trip just got extended to Patnitop and sanasar lake

We reached Katra by car from Jammu Tawi and got settled in the hotel recommended by the cab driver,which I think is good option as they are the ones who know well about the place.I don’t like travelling with hotel packages every where,some places or I would say any place you travel , unless you don’t travel by local transport and search the area there’s no fun.Ok, now when we have settled in the hotel room at midnight,we planned to reach Maa Vaishno Devi temple early morning without thinking of taking any took 12 hours for us to reach the hilltop and come down,completely exhausted and tired one day went in complete rest in the hotel,next day our trip to patnitop began with those beautiful landscape ,hills trees and the ghats.Keep yourself completely cutoff from rest of the world.Spend time with yourself and family admire the natural beauty

Serenity and hills , it just took my breath, after travelling long hours into these lovely woods I was lost in it..would definitely visit again with bigger plan.

Sanasar lake view

Himalayan ranges

Maa Vaishno Devi

Travelling for the first worries, here’s my experience..hope it helps you

  • If travelling with senior citizens then I would say book the helicopter in advance it’s not possible for aged people to walk that long
  • Once you have reached katra book your hotel get fresh take your wallet and Yatra parchi (travel receipt) this you can get through Vaishno Devi shrine board
  • If you are booking online then your parchi will be valid for 24 hours
  • If you book it on the counter ,then it’s valid for only 5 to 6 hours only
  • Travel very light as water, food and shelter is available on the way
  • I would recommend travelling by the horse or khachar
  • If you can walk the whole path ..well good enough go ahead
  • Have lovely Darshan
  • Jai Maa Vaishno Devi
  • We were staying at Hotel Shree Hari Niwas…highly recommended, with good staff, lovely rooms and the food was too good plus pocket friendly

Hotel Shree Hari Niwas

Hotel Rooms

Lunch scene were like this with lovely flavours of each dish could be tasted


Patnitop is a hill station in Udhampur district at Jammu

A beautiful place with all calmness and peace with small huts, which can be rented by .

We were told about the Apple garden, which does not exist there its a private property not for sightseeing

You can buy clothes and shawl available there if you feel like

There are vendors selling kesar (saffron) which is complete fake one, as I did buy them soon to realise I was fooled😃

We did a 2 hour stoppage at patnitop and straight away headed to sanasar lake

We had travelled in the month of May …it was still cold there, you feel the chill once you have reached there later it’s all gone

Snow can be enjoyed in winter at patnitop

Sanasar lake

Sanasar lake is a water body between the hills ,after driving upwards from patnitop, one has to come down in between the hills lies this beautiful lake,seeing the beauty of the lake I was amazed..Mother nature is just amazing I would have never imagined this lake being here in between those narrow lanes , rocks and kids selling flowers

Here you’ll find kids selling wheat dough to feed the fish .do buy them.Adventure games can also be enjoyed in this place

This lake is filled with fish, overall a relaxing place

We were in mid May month here , Yet we could see the beauty, so if you are travelling in winter that could be more fun.

Please, don’t litter the place.keep all the wrappers and paper with yourself or reach to the nearby dustbin.

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