Mahakaleshwar Temple Ujjain

What is Jyotirlinga?

Let’s first know what exactly Jyotirlinga means and created

Jyotirlinga was created by a debate between Dev Vishnu and Dev Brahma over who was more Supreme. In anger Dev Shiva created a Infinite pillar of light which formed Lingodbhava on earth at 64 places. From these 64 places only 12 are the major ones.

In that 12 jyotirlinga one is Mahakaleshwar in Ujjain.

Mahakal jyotirlinga has a very unique feature, here the idol faces towards South called as Dakhshinamurti.

Mahakal is temple called as kalo ke kal mahakal. Where one gets cured from all the sufferings and illness. Miracles do happen here.

Mahakal temple in jayshingpura Ujjain can be reached by different modes of transport. We drove by car via Bhopal from Nagpur. The distance is 540 kms. The newly constructed coriander has made this place more magnificent. Mahakal lok is such a beauty, do visit during night for the lighting here. Build next to Shipra river Mahakal lok has a beautifully curated sculptures. I do have a video on YouTube you can check out.

As this is hugely visited Jyotirlinga whole year round you can find many hotels and resorts to stay here. Do your advance booking before and come to make things more easy. We stayed at Hotel Vikramaditya on Indore highway road.

It is believed that after offering your prayers at Mahakal temple do visit Kaal Bhairav Temple which is nearby. Auto takes 100rs for it, he’ll bring you back to the place you want.

Must visit Temples if you are going for the first time

  • Navgrah temple
  • Sandipani temple
  • Harisiddhi temple
  • Ram ghat
  • Gomti temple
  • Chintaman Ganesh temple

Come soak yourself in this divine city spiritually.

Food is cheap and delicious. Poha and jalebi can be found everywhere. Dal Bafla were also yum. Do explore the local market here for souvenirs.

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