Chakali /How to make crispy Rice chakalis

Chakali are a perfect Diwali snack,or say any festival. I do store the flour for the whole year,and make them whenever there’s a desire or demand.make fresh batch of flour if you want to store it for the whole year. This recipe was given to me by my close family friend Smitha Bhabhi,which never went wrong

rice chakali Rice chakali


1 kg rice

1/2 kg chana dal

1 quater cup urad dal

1 cup thin poha

4 tsp jeera

4 tsp khada dhaniya

10 to 15 green chili

1/2 cup ginger

2 tsp haldi powder

1 tsp asafoeetida(hing)

salt as per taste

oil for deep frying

4 tsp sesame seeds(white)


Wash all the dals and rice n strain them,spread it on sheet and let it dry under the fan over night,not in the sun.

next day take a pan dry roast the ingredients:jeera,khada dhaniya,poha,urad dal,chana dal and rice.

take it to the flour mill and get the flour done,if you dont want this process you can use rice flour and chana flour for making this chakali

in a blender make paste out of the ginger, green chili and hing

now heat oil in a pan add the ginger-green chili paste,haldi powder and salt,saute it

now add the flour in it and sesame seeds.

add oil for the moyan,mix the flour into a crumbly texture

heat water to a luke warm consistence and knead the flour

the dough should be firm

let it rest for 1/2 an hour

mean while take the chakali maker and oil it well so that the dough doesn’t stick into it and the shape of chakali comes out well

start taking small portions of the dough and put in the maker and make circles out of it

if the dough keeps breaking,then apply a bit water to the dough with your hand

make chakalis on the sheet and cover them with a wet cloth,so that they dont dry and break

heat oil in kadai for deep frying chakalis

fry them till light brown

cool the chakalis at room temperature

store them in tight jar.

chakalis are ready

you can keep this flour the whole year in a air tight container and use whenever you wish

you can skip ginger and green chili paste and use only haldi powder also,as some people are prone to acidity

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