Sabudana(sagoo) idli

Deciding what to give your kids for the tiffin is a big issue, you can’t repeat the menu,as kids won’t be happy. This recipe is a quick one for the tiffin.just over night soaking is required its spongy it’s fluffy all that one wants to eat

Sabudana idli
Soaked sabudana idlis

Ingredients 1 cup=250ml

1 cup rava

1/2 cup sabudana

1 cup curd/dahi (sour)

2 tsp salt

1/4 tsp baking soda

Water to get the batter consistency


Wash sabudana before soaking

Now mix rava, sabudana, salt, curd and water

Baking soda has to be mixed just before steaming the idli

Let mixture soak overnight or 8 hours


Grease your idli plates with some oil and pour the batter in it

Let it steam on a medium heat for 15 minutes

Here you are…..idli is ready have it with coconut chutney

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