Watermelon cooler/how to make watermelon juice/summer drink

Summer’s are here and it gets pretty hot out there,we can see the markets flooded with watermelon.These fruits are high in water content,it is highly recommended for all to make them as drink or just the chunks,any form is healthy and cooling. I was not a huge fan of fruits though,but after shifting to Nagpur I started having them a lot coz of the heat here .A simple drink ,lets see the recipe

Food my way



1 large watermelon cut into cubes n refrigerate

(remove each and every seed n if there are only white seeds you can have them)

Sugar as per taste

2 tablespoon lemon juice

Some mint leaves

1/2 tablespoon kala namak (if fasting skip this)



Take blender mix all the ingredients and blend it

Adjust sugar n salt as per taste

I had to add sugar as my watermelon were not at all sweet

Pour into glass with some ice cubes

Your watermelon cooler is ready to be served

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