Dhak /Palash Leaves/Butea Monosperma

Dhak ke leaves or Palash are name of a tree.Dhak ke patte have being used from ancient times as serving plates and bowls.Best way of protecting mother nature from pollution.In childhood days I do remember going to Satyanarayan Kathas and being served prasad in Dhak bowls and I would wonder dont these people have plastic bowls an innocenet child who thaught that plastic was more sophisticated,later to realise how harmful it was for nature.In North India many places serving in patri[dhak leaves] is considered scared,and they still use patri/patvari.

Dhak/Palash tree come in two colours one white and other red or orange,both tree have thier own values.White Palash tree is used for medicinal purpose and the coloured ones have being used for natural dying colours.This tree is not huge one a medium size.It is dry season tree.The gum from the tree are also used in some food.

Uses- Dhak leaves are used in medicines,leather,patravali/plates

Every state in India has its own significance realated to these leaves.

Palash is also considered state flower of Jharkhand .It is said that Palash tree was used for the enlightenment of Lord Buddha called Medhankara.

Tamil Brahmins have a daily agnihotra ritual and barks of this tree is used as main component for agnihotra.

Names of this tree

Binomal name – Butea monosperma

Telugu – Modugu chettu

Kerala – Plasu or chamata

North region – Palash/dhak

Gujarat – Kesudo

Assamese – Polash

Bengali – Kinshuk,Palash

English – Parrot tree

Marathi – Palash

In sanskrit,the flower is used as symbol of spring and joy

A gods gift to human race which can be used in so many forms,still people are cutting down trees and crying for all the disaster,for which we ourselves are responsible.

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