How to clean Copper vessels

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Copper glass /jar

Not very long ago, if you have ever visited to your ancestral home with your granny’s and great grandma along. Somewhere in the corner of the house there was this small pot which used to be filled with water and kept.

As a child I would wonder, why our granny is still using these old fashioned utensils, whereas now we have so many filters and fancy bottle in the market. Don’t they feel like upgrading things?? The child in me wondering… I read somewhere change is the way of life and look at them 🤔…….my granny looking at me and saying ye Healthy h tere language meh (it’s healthy in your language)

Suddenly in our society being connected to once culture and tradition was considered old fashioned and orthodox, we started emulating others. One should take pride in his/her culture.

Now, people are going back to their grandma for culture, tradition and food, every tradition has a logical reason behind it and it’s been proven scientifically as well.

Copper pot

Our body contains 70% water. In olden days our ancestors use to purify water in copper vessels, which we in today’s world are looking forward to and our ancestors have nailed it…. Right!!

How to clean Copper Vessels

  • Rub pitambari on the vessel and keep for 10 minutes and wash(pitambari is available in every Indian store used for cleaning silver vessels)
  • Rub baking soda and vinegar on the vessel by making a paste out of it
  • Rub lemon and salt

Use and benefits of Copper vessels

  • Copper vessels are used for cooking
  • Many Indian temples still use copper vessels to cook Mahaprasad
  • Water is stored in them overnight
  • It boosts immunity
  • Helps digestion

Scientifically proven

  • When water is stored in copper vessels it goes through natural purification and this kills bacteria, fungi, algae.
  • By storing overnight you get completely purified water, which is the need of the hour with such a huge amount of pollution around.
  • Major disease occur from impure water.
  • So what are you thinking off get up and get all your granny’s copper vessels 😁back or just buy them.
  • Be safe and healthy
  • Hope you liked this blog.
  • Until then keep exploring…….

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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  1. Wonderful post! Nowadays we all like to go back to our roots, and we started using mud pots, stoneware, copper vessels, etc, but cleaning them to our satisfaction is really challenging. Thanks for the share.

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