Amchur/How to make Dry Mango powder

Mango season is going on and make whatever you can of them a simple recipe of amchur which you can make in the house and store it.instead of buying them why don’t you just make it with the given recipe here.Amchur doesn’t get spoiled and is used in all most every Indian cooking especially in achars/pickle amchur is mostly used in North Indian dishes.

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Let’s get the recipe


  • 1 kg raw mangoes/ kairi
  • Peel / chop the skin

  • Then peel the raw mango thin
  • Spread them on cloth or plate
  • Sun dry them for 4 days or till crisp

  • Take a blender and grind to a fine powder
  • Store in an air tight container
  • Use them as required
  • After sundrying this makes into half bottle of amchur so don’t panic with drying 1 kilo of raw mango.

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