KitKat Milkshake

If you have tried my recipes you will notice them to be simple, easy and quick to make. As me myself is no complicated person and recipes have to be simple or I’ll create one.

Here’s posting every cafe’s favourite drink served with sandwiches KitKat milkshake.

How to make it taste like cafe shop.

Trick here is to use everything chilled or frozen if possible. This gives you the taste.

Are ice cubes used

If you are using frozen milk , then no need of ice. If not then vice-versa

Let’s get the recipe now

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KitKat shake



  • 1 cup milk(frozen)
  • 2 to 3 scoops vanilla icecream
  • 2 KitKat sticks
  • Whipped cream (optional)
  • More KitKat for garnish


  • Take a blender jar, pour milk, icecream and KitKat
  • Blend it for a minute
  • Take a serving glass pipe whipped cream
  • Pour the KitKat shake till half
  • Again pipe whipped cream
  • Garnish with KitKat
  • Serve it chilled
  • Yummy and drooling KitKat shake is ready for this summer.


Use of whipping cream is completely optional, you can skip it and add more scoops of ice cream here.

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