Beetroot powder recipe

Have you ever tried making beet powder?? Now one would wonder why will I do that…. agreed with you, but if you are someone who wants to try out new things, then you will love doing this recipe, that’s the reason you are here right! Love playing Holi… but hesitant with the market colours…use these and your skin is completely safe, without the fear of dealing with infection.

Beetroot Powder

So beet powder is made from beetroot by sundrying them.

Skip using food colour and start healthy with this red colour.

Making them is quite simple, only ingredient needed is beetroot.

Uses of beetroot powder

  • Use them in cakes, while making red velvet
  • Get the lovely colour in your Pav bhaji link herePav-Bhaji
  • Sprinkle on potato chips or wafers link herePotato chips/how to make potato chips
  • We Indians love playing Holi…. use this colour instead of the chemical one’s.

How do you process this

Buy some fresh beetroot, cut them into slices or sticks

Spread them on a dry cloth or sheet

Sun-dry them for a week or till Crispy

Grind to a fine powder

Store in an air tight container

Stays good for 3 months without refrigerating , if you stay in a dry place. Otherwise refrigerate it.

Don’t use wet spoon, keep it airtight this will be good for days.

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