Bajre ki roti(Pearl millet)

Foodmyway as the name suggests here is another recipe I love cooking and my kids enjoy eating it.Bajra or millet are highly nutritious for health and are gluten free.It is tricky to make as it not sticky like the wheat flour so one has to try once or twice and then you are good to go,,if not once or twice keep trying.its not rocket science



  • 1 cup bajra flour
  • 2 tsp of wheat flour
  • 1 tsp of ghee
  • salt
  • warm water


  • If you are using wheat flour then if you skip warm water and go for the regular water its ok but,
  • if you are not using wheat flour then warm water is necessary
  • Mix all the ingredients and knead the dough
  • now wheat flour and bajra dough can be rolled down easily but if you skip wheat flour then you will need your hand to spread the roti or you can use plastic bags
  • grease the plastic bag keep the balls of the dough in between in plastic sheet and roll it gently as they keep breaking
  • heat the pan or tawa gently put the roti on it and cook on low flame as bajra takes time to cook
  • cook on both the sides
  • remove it from the pan and cook directly on flame for the smoky flavour
  • spread ghee on roti and eat it hot with your favourite sabzi or chutney

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