Bombay sandwich 

This sandwich takes me to my childhood days,as we use to travel a lot n while travelling best thing to have is sandwich,it was called Bombay sandwich coz it was made here n travelling to remote villages one couldn’t get them.This sandwich had green chutney, cucumber, tomatoes only.Especially while going to native place in summer vacation, I would wait to have them…There was something about the train’s, stations and sandwiches while waiting on platform at CST station(VT station then) This is food my way,the taste I had




4 bread slices (sides cut)

4 tsp green chutney

3 to 4 tsp butter

1 cucumber  (sliced)

1 tomato  (sliced)

Salt for sprinkling

1 tsp of chat masala  (for sprinkling)

Grated cheese

Bombay sandwich

Bombay sandwich


Apply butter on all the slices,with green chutney

Keep tomatoes and cucumber slices on the bread

Sprinkle chat masala and salt on the bread

Spread grated cheese

Cover it with another bread slice

Cut them into four slits



Ready to eat

A simple sandwich

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