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Maggi sandwich

Maggi sandwich

Cheese masala toast

Bread in any form is yum,made these masala toast with some leftover vegetables in the kitchen. As you might have read in my earlier posts ,my basic intention is making my twins eat everything, so here’s another recipe with my favourite sabzis and there favourite cheese 😃in the […]


Bombay sandwich 

This sandwich takes me to my childhood days,as we use to travel a lot n while travelling best thing to have is sandwich,it was called Bombay sandwich coz it was made here n travelling to remote villages one couldn’t get them.This sandwich had green chutney, cucumber, tomatoes only.Especially […]

Veg-mayonnaise sandwich

At times one can’t really decide what has to be made for the break fast that kids love and which also is healthy,making kids eat vegetable is a big deal in my house though,they make me go mad,mayonnaise and cheese are loved by the mix the veggies […]