Every calories count…You don’t have to worry

Hey everyone hope you all are doing fab, I am here with a little different topic today as the title suggests we keep counting on every calories we have but do we really work hard to control them, for me I can say am kind of conscious to a little extend for what i eat or keep a balance on it. Being an Indian we have a large variety of food which are healthy and non preservative ones, but I can say things are changing fast here to. One of the dish which is helpful in weight loss and you can count on is Poha, that’s flatten rice. So if you are eating poha for your dinner you are on a weight lose regime unknowingly, which I came to know today. Thought of sharing with you this.

A plate full of poha has less calories compared to all the fast food. If you are feeling heavy and don’t want to skip your dinner here’s poha at your rescue.

Just a query here which looks better poha or the adenium…ahh both 😀

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