Singhara ki roti, satvic roti

Fasting days are here, so am I with this satvic recipe of roti which is also vegan. After having satvic food one does feel light and wholesome. You can enjoy them guilt free. There won’t be days when you’ll have to say now I am not eating this for next coming months. These food makes one love themselves and give your body the right nutrients and proportion. Including this recipe in your diet will definitely help you in weight loss but I am not a dietician so consult a doctor for that, but as said they help you maintain a balance in your diet.

Water chestnut flour as it’s known in English is a special flour consumed especially during Navratri, this flour gives one full nutrients required like zinc, iron, phosphorus and calcium.

Making these rotis are quite simple and easy. With the tips and trick you can check the recipe here.

So let’s get the recipe now

Singhare ki roti


  • 1 cup Singhare /water chestnut flour
  • 1/4 cup /Few tablespoon water
  • Ghee for applying
  • Butter paper

So the method here is simple, take a bowl add the flour, now adding tablespoon of water bring the flour together.

No kneading is required here, just get them together.

Now heat a tawa, meanwhile take a small portion of the dough place it on a butter paper and gently press them and give a round shape.

Lift the butter paper from beneath and place it on the tawa upside down. Cook the roti for 30 seconds on one side. Then flip it on the other side. Cook both the sides well till light brown. Remove from the flame apply oil and enjoy it with aloo ki sabzi or chutney.

Hope you liked this fasting recipes series.

Until then keep exploring.

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