Kathal aur Aam ka achar/jackfruit n mango pickle

Did you know…pickles help our digestive system and are not harmful for our health if eating in right quantity, It really amazes me how our ancestors knew the way of preserving pickles without any chemical used.They made it natural n healthy and passed it on the next generation, pickles were made without any preservatives n would last for years with the same taste n quality .this achar or pickle is the one made in purvanchal region ,as jackfruit is in abundance in summers.Summers are the time for any pickle to be made.

There’s a myth going around about pickles ie.they are unhealthy, mind you any thing in excess is harmful for our body.

In fact pickles should be included in our daily diet for its health benefits. Our ancestors weren’t fools to put their blood n sweat in something that is harmful for the next generation

Many call pickle as side dish,I don’t agree with this ,such a huge combination of spices and flavour how can it be side dish….nope

They give life to any thali,food.This is my husband’s favourite achar and the first one on the blog..lets see the recipe

Kathal ka achar


1 Kg jackfruit chopped

1 kg raw mango chopped

200 gm salt or as per taste

600 gm mustard oil

50 gm fennel powder

50 gm yellow sarso(mustard)

2 tablespoon turmeric powder

4 to 5 tablespoon red chilli powder

50 gm kalonji seeds(onion seed)

2 tablespoon hing(asafoetida)

250 gm achar ka masala(I have used Rambandhu achar masala)this is much spicy than other achar masalas


I have got chopped jackfruit and mango from the market ,so its hassle free for me but if you are chopping at home do apply oil in your hands and the knife for smooth cutting

First step that you will do is to steam the jackfruit ,take your pressure cooker wash the jackfruit and cook with little water without taking the whistle of the cooker,just steam for 2 to 3 minutes

Drain the water and spread the jackfruit on any sheet or cloth and sundry it for 5 hours,there should not be any moisture in the jackfruit

once its done,in a big bowl take both raw mango and steamed kathal apply turmeric and salt and keep for 1 day in the sun,use only glass or ceramic ware


Preparing the masala

Take a pan,dry roast the fennel seed and set aside for cooling

in the same pan dry roast the kalonji seeds and keep aside

Now in a mixer jar grind fennel seeds and yellow mustard coarsely

Take big pan add the sun-dried mango and jackfruit with fennel and yellow mustard powder

Add turmeric,red chilli powder,achar masala powder,kalonji seeds and hing give it a nice mix


Pour in the mustard oil with salt as per taste

Remember the achar should be dipped in oil completely till the top or else it may get spoiled very soon

after mixing in the spices do keep it covered in the sunlight for 5 to 6 days


After sundrying your kathal ka achar is ready to eat

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