Wheat flour fryums/gehun ki kurdai

Fryums are any cereal based pellets that are deep-fried the one I am sharing today is a popular maharashtrian papad made out of whole wheat.This recipe is not easy as it needs a lot of muscle power in mixing the dough.Your hard work is paid off when you fry them and have with tea or your lunch..Summers are the time when some places don’t receive many vegetable in market,so have these fryums with your dal chawal.

My mother in law once had sent these to my mother and she just loved it…so whenever I am in Mumbai I make it a point to take them along.



1 kg wheat (gehu)

Salt as per taste


Soak the wheat in water for 5 days

And keep changing the water every day

Not less than 5 days as it takes time for the wheat skin to become soft


This is how the wheat will look after soaking 5 days

Now grind them into a paste (not fine )

Grind it with water

The next step will be of straining the pulp from the skin


Once it has been strained keep it for another 1 day to ferment

Cover it with cloth

The tricky process now,boil water with salt in huge pan (1/4 of the pan)

Once the water starts boiling start pouring the wheat pulp slowly by continuously mixing, till there are no lumps remaining and the dough is thick

While it’s still hot start filling the sev maker and give them shape on plastic sheet

Once the sheet is full with kurdai sun dry them for 2 to 3 days

When they have dried completely you can deep fry them.

Your gehu ki kurdai is ready, have with tea

While the wheat is soaked it gives a very foul smell,don’t worry once sun-dried and later fried this smell vanishes

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