Hare matar ka chivda

If you have a UPite or bihari friend you will definitely know what is matar ka chivda and if not I’ll explain it you. What is Matar ka chivda Winter is the time when new poha or flat rice is harvested, this new poha or chivda tastes much sweeter than the old ones and blends… Continue reading Hare matar ka chivda

Ghughari/How to make fried raw black chickpea

Ghughari is a very popular breakfast of east Uttar Pradesh region, especially all the farmers here have these wholesome breakfast and head towards the field for work. Ghughari is made of green peas and black chickpea. Here kala chana is not boiled its cooked raw and full of nutrition. Complete healthy food straight from a… Continue reading Ghughari/How to make fried raw black chickpea