Chocolate sandwich/How to make chocolate sandwich

Chocolate is loved by all …so I am no excuse…just love this sandwich..serve them hot from the tawa…or sandwich maker…simple recipe and quick to make. Best for kids tiffin box or evening snack…lets see the recipe


2 bread slices (wheat or which ever you like)

Nutella spread or any chocolate spread generous amount

4 tablespoon butter

2 tablespoon choco chip’s

1 pinch salt

How to make chocolate sandwich

Apply butter on one the sides of the bread

Then spread nutella chocolate spread, generous amount on one sides of both the bread

Sprinkle choco chip’s on one slice, cover it another slice

Prepare all the slices in this manner

Heat the tawa or grill pan cook the bread slices by pressing it with spatula from both the sides

Cook all the bread slices in this manner

Apply some more chocolate spread on the slices and sprinkle some salt ,choco chips

Serve them hot

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