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Thekua is kind of cookies for the people who don’t understand the word thekua.It is a traditional food for all the north Indians,especially people from Bihar,Jharkhand and Uttar pradesh.Made on the occasion of chhath puja(praying lord Sun) for the abundance in nature and thanking him.A simple dish made […]


Fresh new potatoes from the farm are the best ones to make Aloo dum.If you don’t have new potatoes that’s ok.Mostly prefered in the winter season,I love having sugarcane juice with Aloo dum,you can have your choice or the best is ginger tea with this snack.This is completely […]



Dal-farra is an authentic dish of north Indians,traditionally this dish is made for all the festive seasons,I would not say that its easy to make neither hard,it is time-consuming though,get your self prepared beforehand to be quick.This is boiled dumplings made of rice flour and urad dal.I took […]

Ghughari(green peas and aloo)

Looking at pics it might look like a regular sabzi,but mind you its not.This is most desired breakfast for every person living in purvanchal region(eastern Uttar pradesh),especially for the farmers working in the fields,who have to take a heavy breakfast before going for work on the fields,seasonal breakfast […]

Tamatar ki methi chutney

Who doesn’t like tomatoes,we all love them right in salads,pizzas or any form.Methi chutney is from the northern region especially Banaras the holy city of Ganga,you’ll find them with puris to relish on.Nothing much is needed in this recipe and this can be stored and later you can […]


Gul-gule means soft and spongy in hindi.This recipe is made especially in north India on every festive occasion.Being a very simple recipe and quick to make.As it is served as prasad gul-gule are fried in ghee for such occasions ingredients 1 cup wheat flour(or refined flour) 1/2 sugar […]