Tamatar ki methi chutney

Who doesn’t like tomatoes,we all love them right in salads,pizzas or any form.Methi chutney is from the northern region especially Banaras the holy city of Ganga,you’ll find them with puris to relish on.Nothing much is needed in this recipe and this can be stored and later you can […]


Nariyal barfi

Foodmyway as I say,is what I make and the way I make not being the chef way a simple home cook food with my experiences into it some learnt from my mother and some from mother in law.Learning has no age bar so keep learning,cooking and liking my […]

Seviyan or vermicelli kheer

Seviyan is one of the most favourite sweet dish of my in-laws,this is made regularly in the house whenever there’s some craving for sweet.festivals are also not complete without seviyan.Just love the aroma when the seviyan is roasted,simple and quick sweet dish to make if any guest are […]


Gul-gule means soft and spongy in hindi.This recipe is made especially in north India on every festive occasion.Being a very simple recipe and quick to make.As it is served as prasad gul-gule are fried in ghee for such occasions ingredients 1 cup wheat flour(or refined flour) 1/2 sugar […]

Preserving green peas(matar)

Belonging to a dry region (Vidharbha) Nagpur we don’t get green peas all seasons,like other cities,being everyone’s favourite I had to keep buying the frozen one from the stores which are not healthy as they added colour and harmful chemicals to it,so why buy them when it can be […]

Gajar ka halwa

Gajar ka halwa is dish made by grating carrots,for this you need to have strong arms or else you can use food processor.I did use the food processor at times theses are made in bulk like kilos to store that’s the time when the food processor really saves me,,,am […]

Matar ki kachori

Come winter and market is filled with Matar or green peas as they are called,this vegetable is used in every dish and it never dishearten us..This is a fav of my BIL you give him all season matar to eat hell never say no,,lol.This recipe which i am […]

Meethi ki puri

Hello people Wishing you all a happy 2018,this is my first blog so am excited to be writing it down.Hope you all will give your support and love to the blog,So we start a recipe which is loved by the kids,I know kids are so fussy about eating […]